Ways Preesale puts back power in the hands of event organizers

In Preesale’s latest blog post, we talked about technology and it’s growing role in the data collection process. Though we explored the ways in which technology helps us gather attendee data, what kinds of data does it actually gather? Though we identified that technology might be useful in helping us understand our customers, of what use is it, if you actually can’t put on events? All of these are the VERY reasons organizers trust us, because unlike the “big dawgs”, we offer consumer analytics, WITH the guarantee of upfront ticket payment.

Consumer Analytics

In order to plan any successful event, it’s important to begin by understanding your audience, this is particularly where Preesale comes in.

Preesale’s platform allows organizers to:

  • Trace a customer’s path
  • Gather data on them
  • Measure sales conversion rates and
  • Adjust marketing efforts

Using Preesale’s platform, organizers are given the power to trace a customer’s steps from the beginning of a site visit, up until the end of a ticket purchase. As potential customers go through the sales funnel process, Preesale records key information, providing it’s clients with details on the number of website visits per day, the number of attendees visits to the ticket shop and lastly, the number of tickets purchased altogether by that segment . By gaining access to such information, organizers are better aligned to develop actionable strategies that will yield in better results. For instance, if we know that 5000 people people visited a website, 3000 a ticket shop and 2000 the purchase of a ticket, perhaps there could be value in marketing to the “2000” as opposed to the “5000”, for similar future events.

Upfront Payment

Another massive value Preesale provides, is the ability to receive upfront payment for ticket purchases. Unlike industry players that pay their organizers a week after an event, Preesale offers a smoother event management process by paying organizers right when a ticket is sold. In other words, every single time a person goes online, at the very moment of a purchase, sale revenue is transferred over to the event organizer. By being granted access to this feature, organizers are empowered to limit pitfalls, better address staffing equipment and venue concerns as well as to reinvest marketing dollars to improve events.

To explore these benefits and more, be sure to visit preesale.com/